Law Enforcement for Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen

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The government continues to optimize the development of enforcement and Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen protection within the field of legal science within the country. Last, in early Gregorian calendar month 2013, Minister of Trade of RI Bhagavad-Gita Wirjawan along side the the pinnacle of Bareskrim POLRI Irjen political leader Sutarman, and witnessed by the Vice Minister of of Agriculture Rusman Heriawan signed a memoranda of of Understanding associated with it.

Minister of Trade convey that this cooperation is predicted will increase the coherence the operational within the handling of of criminal acts in field of client protection and science legal that conducted by the Investigator Civil Servants client Protection (PPNS-PK), Investigators Civil Servants science Legal (PPNS-MET), that supported by the Investigator Police of the State Republic of Dutch East Indies.

On that occasion conjointly performed the language of a memoranda of Understanding between the Director General of Standardization and client Protection Nus Nuzulia patriarch with the Director General of process and selling of Agricultural product that conjointly as Head of Agricultural Quarantine Agency Banun Harpini and Head of the National Agency of Drug and Food Lucky S. Slamet on Cooperation management product For product Non Food, Food process, and Food recent.

DG SPK Nus Nuzulia patriarch insists that this cooperation can increase the effectiveness of direction of current product embrace non-food product, processed food and fresh foods provide so as to guard Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen.

Besides it’s, this cooperation can also become instrumentality of exchange of of data connected direction of circulation of product non food, processed food and foodstuff recent World Health Organization current within the market. and definitely raised direction for small, little and Medium Enterprises.

Object of direction for non food, among others, embrace compliance with standards, labeling, directions to be used (manual) and warrant card / warrant in Indonesian, whereas food product recent and processed foods embrace aspects of safety, quality, and nutrition and labeling.

With the memoranda Kesapahaman, then enforcement Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen may be done additional intensively to attenuate the existence of products that don’t seem to be in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

The goal additionally to client protection, moreover as for securing the domestic market, whereas supporting the creation of legal certainty in making an attempt to draw in investment in Dutch East Indies.

In addition, cooperation is additionally drained anticipation that the product current in Dutch East Indies meet kaedah safety, security and health and therefore the atmosphere and improperly used, used, and consumed by the general public

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