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Fortuner SUV Terbaik

Posted by devi on January 10, 2013 in Otomotif with No Comments

Fortuner SUV Terbaik – Toyota Indonesia launches new toyota fortuner 2012 with VNTurbo with intercooler technology that makes engines more powerful and more manly exclusive in-class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Grand New Fortuner SUV Fortuner VN Turbo has a manly and more sporty than the previous fortuner. Without prejudice to the impression of luxury, Toyota Fortuner 2012 to Toyota’s flagship car for the best SUV in Indonesia 2012 which brings design front lights (front headlamp) with the projector lamp to make the driver clear visibility so that the safety and comfort of the rider more awake.

Toyota Fortuner SUV is equipped with power seat adjuster on the driver’s seat, corner and parking sensor, touch screen audio video system with the Toyota navigation, as well as parking camera. Some elements of the parts have to either change the color or model, thus giving you comfort during driving, greater cabin space and luxurious make passengers linger in them, some with the instrument panel, new and refreshing seem to be exclusive, stick shift model new steering wheel MID combine audio buttons, new speedometer panel looks macho and services as well as other components that have been changed from the previous model. Grand New Fortuner VN Turbo has the best suspension designed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) called the TRD Sportivo Suspension for comfort while driving.

Fortuner is the best SUV car has a myriad of benefits that are not only seen in terms of appearance, but also the usability. Toyota Fortuner Indonesia has existed since 7 years ago but the best Toyota Fortuner SUV version came out in 2012. Just try doing a search on a search engine about the Fortuner SUV we will find a lot of information stating that the Toyota Fortuner SUV Best in Indonesia, following the video.

Grand New Fortuner Dieser 2.5 now with VNTurbo Intercooler Engine provides greater air pressure to produce big torque at low rpm. The existence of Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNTurbo) on Fortuner SUV aims to provide stronger power boost, especially on sharp uphill road conditions, torque is large enough not to lose power at high torque and better acceleration. Toyota Fortuner SUV toughness is best to explore various fields and has been tested to be the official car in Euroasia Fastron Expedition 2011 Jakarta-Roma. Crosses 23 countries so far 27,000 KM with a variety of conditions of temperature and terrain.

Toyota Fortuner SUV Terbaik is an important factor behind the success of Pertamina Fastron Euroasia Yepe Expedition 2011. Expedition across dozens of countries with a distance of tens of thousands of miles from Jakarta to Italy was a showcase of excellence of domestic products

Toyota-Astra Motor participate by providing four units of Toyota Fortuner 2.7 liter petrol 4×4 drive system. Apparently not many changes made to make the long journey.

Grand New Toyota Fortuner 2.7 VA / T 4 × 4 gasoline engine with a capacity of 2700cc. This car carrying the two TR-FE 2.7 L DOHC 16 Valve VVT-i are tough and can be used in all fields, as well as the feasibility certified Euro-2 emission testing. In this expedition, the entire lubrication system uses mechanical Fortuner SUV Pertamina product. Including the brake fluid and radiator coolant.

Since 2005, Toyota Fortuner SUV has become an idol for car lovers of adventure in Indonesia. Grand New Fortuner SUV VN Turbo is a new car Toyota fortuner results of previous repairs to improvements being made to increase power and torque and make the Grand New Fortuner VN Turbo tougher than previous versions. This is due to the desire of the SUV car lovers in Indonesia wanted the SUV with great strength. With a new exterior design will create the impression of manly, so will give you satisfaction and comfort in driving. Some very interesting changes that are made of alloy rims with tires R17 and 265/65, rear bumper with new design looks solid, rear signal lights with 3D, outside rearview mirror equipped with lights sein, headlights with a new design that is more focused and light, radiator grille, hood, front bumper, fog lights, front and rear bumpers all with a new look.

With luxurious haunts and excellent engine performance as well as with the exterior design and elegant interior, powerful engine, very comfortable on city streets, tough in rough terrain and fuel consumption plus the friendly outdoor display that looks sporty but still elegant and Toyota’s car output class makes it a perfect vehicle. Does not make sense when considering that the Toyota Fortuner SUV is a luxury car that became the adventurer’s dream, but in reality Toyota Fortuner SUV does have a lot of advantages to the performance of the engine that is extraordinary that can conquer the extreme terrain in the world, so it is not wrong if This luxury car many adventurers known as the Fortuner SUV Terbaik

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